Your health is our priority

Bond Hair Religion has followed all recommendations for keeping you as safe as possible while you are in our salon.


Please find a list of our hygiene protocols following in random order:

  • We adhere to strict social distancing policies. All clients are seated one station apart from each other for the 1.5 metre rule. Salon size to person ratio exceeds the 4 metre required safe distancing recommendations.  Please remember that social distancing does not mean your stylist must be at least 1.5 metres away from you.

  • All team members wear face masks - including reception.

  • Single use gloves are worn by team members until your hair is thoroughly washed.

  • Colourists use single use gloves when applying colour.

  • All equipment including scissors, brushes, clippers, straighteners and so much more are disinfected or wiped with alcohol wipes between clients by a team member whose sole job will be to do so to ensure uniformity. 

  • Only single use towels are in the salon. No dish cloths are used.

  • Every part of each client station are thoroughly washed with high grade hospital disinfectant between clients.

  • All surfaces in the salon are also cleaned with disinfectant regularly throughout the day - such as reception, seating areas, kitchen space, power points, drawer handles etc.

  • If you bring family or friends to your appointment, they will be asked to leave.

  • If you bring any children to the salon - when they don't have an appointment and you are the only carer present - we will be unable to provide you with your hair/beauty services. 

  • The front door to our salon remains open during business hours to avoid touching door handles when entering and exiting the premises.

  • Only two of our four basins are used at one time to ensure client distancing measures. Toners and treatments are applied at the client station to manage the basin numbers.

  • Disposable coffee cups are used instead of crockery.

  • All client capes are washed in hot water and a dryer between clients. Disposable capes are also used to assist with the washing and drying turn around time.

  • Team members use foaming hand wash for at least 20 seconds between clients and dry their hands with paper towel.

  • All clients must use hand sanitiser when entering and exiting the salon.

  • Reception uses a single use towel and disinfectant to wipe the EFTPOS machine down between transactions.

  • We prefer payment by card but if you only have cash, we accept it with a single use glove.

  • iPads are thoroughly wiped down between clients. Team members will direct the client on which buttons to press. 

  • Earbuds are wiped with alcoholic wipes and kept in individual containers. Team members open the lids and the client removes the earbuds from the container. 

  • All clients will be asked if they have been in contact with an infected person, travelled overseas in the last 14 days or have cold symptoms upon arrival. If any clients answer yes to any question they will be asked to reschedule.

If you have any other questions, please let us know. We are doing everything within our power to keep you safe while you enjoy your Bond luxury experience. 

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