Correcting myths about colour appointments

Myth 1: “I shouldn’t wash my hair before getting colour”

Did you know that having oil in your hair can actually prevent the colour being absorbed? Ideally, your hair will be washed well the day before your appointment.

Myth 2: “Supermarkets shampoos are just as good”

Salon shampoo and conditioners are specifically created to ensure that their ingredients do not cause your colour to fade – they are ‘colour-locked’. They may be more expensive per bottle but if used correctly they are actually cheaper in the long run AND they maintain your colour far longer.

Myth 3: “I’ll just cover my regrowth on the way…”

Temporary root cover-ups are great – except on the day of your appointment. If you use a cover up before rewashing your hair, we will need to wash it out before colouring your hair so the colour will take. This may mean we don’t have time to actually do your colour.

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